The Terran Trilogy

A World Too Far


Space Exploration is deadly dangerous: Will they survive?


Yanked out of cryo before scheduled, Elise Fujeint is pressed into captaining the starship New Found Hope. She finds the ship ready to mutiny. Earth's carefully planned expedition to populate a new world has turned into a disaster. During the fleet's hundred years of travel, the chosen planet lost atmosphere and turned into a radiation-drenched wasteland.

Riots erupt in the fleet as to what their course of action should be, and forty ships jump away, only to find their diminished fleet lost in an uncharted part of the Milky Way.

As captain, Elise must battle crisis after crisis, first on board among her fellow crewmates, and then against the dangers of space itself. 

Will the fleet finally find its way to an habitable world, or will a place for humanity be a world too far?

Somewhat Alien



Romance on a space station

After years of traveling through a galaxy fraught with danger, twenty-eight ships from Earth finally discover an inhabitable planet. Unfortunately, the world contains a native species, very human in appearance, who are not welcoming.

With her fleet depleted of resources and desperate to land, Commander Elise Fujeint, series ii, must find a way to save her people. One way may be through the Alysian liaison, Richard Steele, who appears entirely too human and handsome. A strong attraction forms between Richard and Elise, but each must deal with opposing factions within their own species that threaten war.

The Terrans are required to go through a quarantine on a rundown space station before they can land on planet. But as time stretches out and few landings occur, the situation heats up.

This is the saga of a people desperate to immigrate and a world reluctant to accept them. Will the ships stay or abandon the antagonistic Alysians in an effort to search for a better world?

The Weight of Gravity


Training for a space battle

With their landing on Alysia long overdue, the remaining Terrans descend to the alien planet to begin a new life. However, not all the natives welcome the invaders, and the conflict between the two races escalates.

That is until an unexpected future time traveler visits Richard in the timelab and warns of an impending invasion. The two faction must cooperate and prepare Alysia.

Once again, Sunpointe Academy becomes the training ground for brash, inexperienced men and women who must be molded into competent battle savy space pilots.

But it won't be easy...and lives are on the line.