Map of the 5 lands of Alysia

Inhabited areas of the planet of Alysia


Royal Dynasty (Ching T’Karre)  across the Hydraline Sea. Large land mass varied climates.. (not on map)

D’Ankanque—(not on map) region south of the Five Lands made up of jungle edged by beaches. Very hot.

The Diechwrathe--rough mountainous region north of Penryn

Islia--cold, mountainous region east of the Diechwrathe and north of Penryn

The Sunglast--region south of Glendalia.

Glendalia--southern eastern region of the United Federation or the former United Realm that holds Tygel, capital of the United Realm.

Penryn--North-Eastern region of the United Federation.

Hydraline Sea—Large body of water that lies east of the Democratic Union between the Western Realm and Ching T’Karre

United Republic--North of Ching T'Karre. (Not on map)

Equatorial Provinces--Across Hydraline Sea on Equator

Ching T'Karre--Large body of land east of the Hydraline Sea. (Not on Map)